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WordPress Themes – Top 3 Free Resources

Wordpress ThemesWordPress is amazing, and I am a firm believer of using WordPress, I use it for a number of online projects and basic websites. One thing that many WordPress users are always on the look out for is new WordPress Themes, and so I have decided to create a new Category on for the purpose of sharing WordPress Themes and Templates.

I will be sharing a number of WordPress Template resources that I use and I will also be giving away WordPress themes from time to time, so this really is a category that you should watch if you are looking for fresh, new and interesting WordPress Themes. WordPress is just so versatile and easy to use, and with the launch of WordPress 3.0 recently it goes to show that WordPress is well established and ready to take blogging and content management systems to a brand new, all time high level.

In this post I will share my Top 3 Free WordPress Theme Resources with you, so here they are:


Top spot has to go to, the themes that are freely available on the site above are amazing.

Some of the reasons gets my top vote is because:

  • The themes are original
  • Themes are updated
  • Each template has so many awesome features
  • Huge variety of themes
  • Most themes have a custom theme dashboard (very useful)
  • And of course, because the themes are FREE!


Next, in second stop is – I have used this resource for a number of projects and I am always able to find a theme that will suit my needs. The large amount of variety avaialble makes choosing wordpress templates not that easy, but use the search feature and browse around, I am sure there is be some great WordPress Templates that you will love.


Last, but no least is, this was actually where I got my first ever HTML theme when I created my first website. also has a wide range of different and useful templates, and with over 277 WordPress Themes to choose from this is definitely a resource that I can recommend.

Well, this is just a start to this new category on – do you have any WordPress Themes or WordPress Template resources that you would like to share or mention? Please feel free to add your comments on this post and share your resources.

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