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WordPress Categories – This Slug Is Already In Use

With a few new changes on this blog I recently decided to change the old News category to the new category called Stallion Hosting. This would normally be a quick change in WordPress by simply clicking the drop down menu under posts, click Categories and then find the category I want to change and click rename.

Well, this was not the case  because the slug stallion-hosting was said to already be in use, but wait – I did not have a Category called stallion-hosting. In the end it was because there was a Post Tag called stallion-hosting, so after renaming this I was easily able to create the Stallion Hosting (stallion-hosting) category.

Wordpress Categories - This Slug Is Already In Use

This was a simple fix, but if you didn’t know that Post Tags and Categories are related then you will be stuck and battle.

Just something simple I would like to share, have a great day everyone 🙂

Daniel Hall

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