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5 Tips to Safeguard Your Web Site

Tips to Safeguard Your Web Site

Website SecuritySimply having a website online is a great feeling and it is without a doubt becoming a necessity in terms of marketing and promotion of a business.  If you have a business website or any website online for that fact it is vital that you safeguard and protect your website against the many different types of security threats.

Below are 10 tips and guidelines that you can put in place to ensure your website is secure and safe online:

1. Keep your passwords safe:

Your passwords are vital and the most obvious precautions is to ensure that you password is kept safe. Always try to come up with passwords that are not easy to guess, and try and include letters and numbers, of course the use of special characters such as ! @ # $ % & can make a major difference.   It is advisable that you keep long and alphanumeric passwords. Another tip is to use small and capital letters, this way you have better chance to safeguard your website.

2.  Keep your network physically safe:

As well as keeping your website safe it is also as important to keep your computer safe. You need to make sure that your system is protected and that only authorized persons can access your computer. Special user accounts and anti virus protection can come in handy for this.

3. Update your software:

If you run software packages on your website or even on your computer then updates should not be ignored. Even your operating system will have very important updates including security updates and these should never be ignored. It is in your best interested to constantly keep up to date with the latest updates and security alerts pertaining to your software. If you don’t update your software it can become susceptible to malicious attack.

4. Directory listings:

If by default any directory on your website doesn’t have a recognized homepage file then it will show all the files in that folder. If you wish to protect the file you can simple create a blank file, name it as index.htm and then upload it to that folder. The visitor to that page will get a 403 error, but if there is not a homepage then you might find that the visitor will gain access to all files and folders and in some cases this can be terrible.

5. Join a reputable and reliable web hosting company

This is one of the most important tips, we have already discussed the dangers and disadvantages of free web hosting and this should not be ignored. Hosting companies that have been in the business for a while will offer great support and you will have piece of mind that your website is secure and safe online. The saying “You get what you pay for” can definitely be proved in terms of the web hosting industry, don’t take chances with your website, I mean after all your website is your greatest online asset to grow and market your business, so why would you risk it?

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