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What is Social Bookmarking?

Social BookmarkingThe internet has offered us so many options from shopping, games, recreation, business  and emails to simply browsing the World Wide Web.  It is a great place to meet people and promote businesses. Some services make these fun tasks easier than others. One of the theses services offered on the web is social bookmarking.

Places such as Twitter, Facebook, My Space etc are all social networks, and social bookmarking takes place on these websites millions of times daily. Read more about Social Bookmarking below in terms of SEO and website traffic.

What is Social Bookmarking?

You may think the phrase social bookmarking is completely new to you; however, there’s a change you’ve already used social bookmarking and just didn’t realize that’s what you were doing. Have you ever been on a website that was so interesting, you just had to send the link to it to a friend or family member? If so, you were doing social bookmarking.

Any time you “tag” a website and save it for later (bookmark it), you’re participating in social bookmarking. A tag is a keyword used to describe a website or specific article. Rather than saving the link in your browser (like with internet history), you’re saving it on the web where it can be shared with others.

How Social Bookmarking Can Help You

Social bookmarking sites offer you so many possibilities on the web and are described in so many ways, but the way I most like to refer to them is intelligent search engines. If you’re looking for something on a social bookmarking site, all you have to do is type what you’re looking for in the searching tool and tags or links will pop up for you.

Whether you’re on the internet for work or just browsing for fun, you’re going to find a lot of websites that are interesting and worth sharing with friends and family members. You could always call them up and very slowly read the entire web address to them (and hope they get each letter correctly), but that would take forever.

You could always send the link to their email address. However, if your friend is not someone that checks their email regularly, they’re not going to get your link as soon as you’d like. However, many people use social bookmarking sites. By posting your link on any one of many social bookmarking sites, it can be easily shared by your friends, family members or anyone on the web.

Social bookmarking is a great way to get in some real advertising as well. Few things are more difficult than getting traffic to a new website. However, with the right tags, millions of people can see your link, whether it’s for pleasure or business.

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Twitter Hashtags Explained

Twitter Hashtags Explained

Using Twitter is becoming more and more of a common social networking tool, and as the popularity starts to reach amazinly high proportions the millions of online users start to follow and join in. I was recently asked a question by one of the regular readers about Twitter, so here is the answer and explanation about the use of the hashtag (#) symbol.

The hashtags or # can be a little confusing if you’re new to the Twitter world, but this is a question that is asked and I am happy to explain. This symbol is used as a tool to designate the keywords which are used by a Twitter user in a tweet.

For example, if you were writing about running then you would create a tweet like this:

Just watched Idols, only 2 people left!! #idolssa

Here is a screenshot of an example that I just tweeted:

Twitter Hashtags Explained

So, when people are reading your tweet and then looking up tweets about idols then they would click on the link (because the # causes the word to become searchable) and they will find this tweet immediately. Many people will save these sorts of searches in order to create a continued emphasis on certain keyword associations.

When you include the hashtag with the keyword, this will also begin to create trends. You can see the current trends on Twitter on the right side of the main Twitter feed. These are the topics people are talking about the most at the current moment. Clicking onto any one of these tags will show you a list of tweets with these designated hashtags and words in them.

What does this do for you? Well, it causes those who are interested in the same topics as your celebrity to find your celebrity attached to these sorts of discussions. And that can help to build their following more easily.
If a person notices certain words and trends they want to follow, they can save these searches. And then when those words are used the most, then the trend is hot and it takes its place on the main Twitter page.

The outcome: You get your Twitter page active and take your social networking to a whole new level 🙂

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Stallion HostingYou Can Bet On Us!

Twitter – 10 Ways to Use Twitter Effectively

Twitter - 10 Ways to Use Twitter EffectivelyTwitter and Facebook are just two of the many very powerful social networking tools that are out there, and it might seem a little intimidating, but the advantages can be very rewarding. Twitter can have many different uses, you could just use it for social meaning connecting with friends and family or you can use Twitter for business and keep customers and potential buyers updated and advertise using Twitter.

If you are you looking for a few ways to use Twitter to your advantage, then this post will be interesting. If you are not to sure what Twitter is it can be described as a social networking tool that allows users to post messages called Tweets, with a limit of 140 maximum characters. Take a look and sign up at

Below are 10 Ways to Use Twitter Effectively:

  1. Use Twitter to find friends, family and those who you look up to. Celebrities, pop icons,politicians or even news personalities are all online, easily accessible to anyone who has a Twitter account.
  2. Use Twitter to stay up to date on the news. A variety of news organizations using Twitter as a way of displaying the latest and most “breaking” news stories they have. It is fast and simple.
  3. Use Twitter to hire people. You can get to know them and their services easily. More so, it is very easy to find people to handle those freelance jobs you need just as hiring someone to design a logo for your business or someone to write content for your blog.
  4. Use Twitter to meet new people, locally or internationally. It is a worldwide service to connect you to just about anyone you want to be connected with.
  5. Use Twitter as a way of networking, to building up the followers you have so that you can always have someone to chat with or even promote.
  6. Use Twitter as a way of socializing when you are sitting at home, working your work at home businesses and feeling lonely doing so. Of course, you may find that you can easily use Twitter too much and fill up your day with Tweets instead of work 🙂
  7. Use Twitter as a way to alert the public of upcoming events, promotions or discounts you may be having. You may find it very easy to use Twitter to promote specials within the online community or even on the larger scale.
  8. Use Twitter as a way of learning something new. If you have a programming question, for example, you can easily throw it out there and most often, there will be an easy to reach answer within your grasp.
  9. Use Twitter as a tool to manage your thoughts and ideas. If you have a new idea, bounce it off your followers.
  10. Use Twitter to be yourself even when you have an unpopular opinion, use your freedom online to express yourself.

These are just a few examples of what Twitter can be used for, so what are you waiting for? Sign up at and then follow us for amazing website hosting specials, domain name discounts and all our blog updates:

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Daniel Hall
Stallion HostingYou Can Bet On Us!