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Transferring Domain Names

Transferring Domain Names

Transferring Domain NamesTransferring a domain name can be compared to how people move and change their home address or telephone number. The transferring of a domain name does not need to be a big problem, and one of the most common questions asked by clients is will the website suffer any down time?

The straight answer is no, but this depends on how the situation is handled. If the correct procedure is not followed then problems can arise, but with easy step by step instructions and professional support from a reputable web hosting company such as Stallion Hosting there should not be any problems.

Firstly you will have to first notify the current hosting company or the current domain name registrar and let them know that you intend to transfer your domain name to a new website host. It is vital that you let them know because they will receive a ticket and will have to accept the updating of a domain name, if the current web host is not informed then they will simply ignore or deny the transfer and this will result in a delay and waste of time.

Depending on the type of domain name there will be a slightly different procedure. For domain names (south African Domain names) you will simply just have to notify the current web host or domain registrar and make them aware that they must accept any domain update tickets. Then in some cases you as the domain owner will also receive a domain update request, and you should also accept the changes by simply replying to the message and make sure you remove the word deny to accept the update. Tickets will remain open for 24 hours once sent.

In the case of international domains such as .com .net .org etc there is a slightly different process. Firstly you will have to notify the current web host/domain registrar and request the EPP code (this is the domain name authorization key, sometimes also called the transfer key). The next step will be to inform the new hosting company of the EPP code and they will be able to initiate the domain transfer process.

As within the case of domains you might also receive a email for you to accept the domain transfer, but instead of replying to the email you will have to click on the long link in the email and visit a web page. If you have clicked on the correct and entire link then you should see a message stating something like “Your domain update has been accepted” or something to that effect.

Depending on the domain name and the speed of the transfer your domain name should be updated and transferred any where between 24 hours to 48 hours and at most around 72 hours. After your domain name has been updated to reflect the new domain name servers simply give the domain name some time to propagate and you should be done.

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