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.net Domain Registration

In our second part of the domain name post series we will discuss .net domain names and .net domain registration.

Today .net is one of the most popular generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) in the Domain Name System (DNS) after .com and .de – the extension de denotes Germany (Deutchland.) TLD extensions that represent countries use the ISO Standard Codes for the Representation of Names of Countries. The alpha-2 codes for all countries are available at

.net Domain RegistrationThe .net extension comes from the word “network” as the original intention was that this extension should be used for networks, network related technologies like internet service providers and other networking infrastructure business, but no restrictions were placed on its use and now .net is a general purpose name available for anyone to register.

The .net extension has been in existence since January 1985 as one of the top level domains. The original Top Level Domains created then were .gov .edu .com .mil and .org as well as the use of the double letter ISO codes used for countries. The first .net domain name ever to exist was

The .net domain TLD was created just over 28 and a half years ago and it recently passed the 15 million registered domain names mark. It has doubled in size since 2006 and nearly half its registered users are in the US. In 2011 it became the third most popular domain name extension and although .net is usually the alternative of first choice after .com, some 99.9% of all 6+ character .net domain names are still available; the average length of .net domain names operating on the web today is 12 letters.

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