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Free Web Hosting – Dangers

Free Web Hosting – Dangers and Disadvantages

Free Web HostingFree web hosting does have its uses, for example it good be a good place to promote a business or get back links, but lets be honest nothing is for free.

There are definitely negative aspects regarding the use and reliability of free web hosting, and the sad part is that many clients learn this the hard way.

Let’s consider the negative aspects of free web hosting.

For some, the biggest setback with free web hosting are the ads. Because free hosting is indeed free, the hosts must make money somehow. To do so they show ads on their sites, which means ads show on your site too. Often the ads are not at all related to your site, and quite honestly add no value whatsoever. There is no control over the ads shown – you either accept them or you go elsewhere to host your website.

The problem is that the advertising draws prospective clients and visitors away from your website and this of course is not what you want.

Domain Name
Free web hosting means you have little choice over the domain name. You can name the sub-domain as you like, but not the main domain name.  It’s still easily possible to rank a free domain hosted site. The issue is more to do with people remembering your domain name. Try remembering this free domain name for example:

As you can see the domain name is a sub domain of the main domain name being
In terms of branding and gaining a market share it just does not make sense to rely on using a free domain and free hosting.

Less Control, Less Bandwidth
If you wish to upload files there is normally only one way of doing so with free hosting services, that is if this is even an option, normally not.  If you are lucky there might be the option to upload files via FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

There are also limitations on bandwidth. Free web hosts normally only offer a very limited amount of bandwidth and if you do reach your limit then all site access will be blocked. This includes for your potential site visitor – their access to your site will be blocked. No more site visitors!

Account Termination
A very real threat with free webhosting services is the thread of account termination. For no apparent reason, free web hosting companies can and do terminate websites and cancel accounts. Now imagine you’ve spent months working on your site only to find that one day its all gone. Imagine after all that work spent adding content, gaining rankings and earning a place online and then all of a sudden BAM, deleted – GONE!

I suspect its time to consider paid-for hosting, don’t you agree?

After analyzing all the negative aspects it is clear that for a minimum of only R 50 per month you can own, control and rely on a professional hosting service that offers you value for money and affordable hosting packages. Take a look at what Stallion Hosting can offer you!

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