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.net Domain Registration

In our second part of the domain name post series we will discuss .net domain names and .net domain registration.

Today .net is one of the most popular generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) in the Domain Name System (DNS) after .com and .de – the extension de denotes Germany (Deutchland.) TLD extensions that represent countries use the ISO Standard Codes for the Representation of Names of Countries. The alpha-2 codes for all countries are available at

.net Domain RegistrationThe .net extension comes from the word “network” as the original intention was that this extension should be used for networks, network related technologies like internet service providers and other networking infrastructure business, but no restrictions were placed on its use and now .net is a general purpose name available for anyone to register.

The .net extension has been in existence since January 1985 as one of the top level domains. The original Top Level Domains created then were .gov .edu .com .mil and .org as well as the use of the double letter ISO codes used for countries. The first .net domain name ever to exist was

The .net domain TLD was created just over 28 and a half years ago and it recently passed the 15 million registered domain names mark. It has doubled in size since 2006 and nearly half its registered users are in the US. In 2011 it became the third most popular domain name extension and although .net is usually the alternative of first choice after .com, some 99.9% of all 6+ character .net domain names are still available; the average length of .net domain names operating on the web today is 12 letters.

Stallion Hosting offers .net domain registration – easily register your .net domain names at great prices with free WHOIS privacy protection. Simply visit the Stallion Hosting domain checker to search for and register your desired .net domain names :

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Stallion HostingYou Can Bet On Us!


.com Domain Registration

The .com domain name is the best recognized Top Level Domain (TLD) in the Domain Name System (DNS). The .com is an abbreviation of commercial as it was originally intended for commercial use, but this restriction was never regulated and has since disappeared entirely. Today .com domain registration is a simple and easy process, with anyone being able to register a new .com name.

The first .com domain registered was on the 15th March, 1985. Since then .com has grown into the largest of all the TLDs and a new .com is registered every six seconds. In December 2011 it was reported that 100 million .coms were registered and of the 147.6 million domains across the TLDs today, 111.3 million are .coms. This is an indication of the popularity and the trust invested in the .com address.

.com Domain RegistrationThe US Department of Defence originally administered the .com domain. They contracted this out as .com was being used mainly for non-military interests and in 1993 the National Science Foundation took over. Until 1999, there was a sole registrar for domain names, but this changed with the introduction of the shared registration system under the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

It is the competition created by this shared registration system that allows you, the end-user, to pick and choose what services you want and at what price. And while it was once a complex legal matter to transfer a domain name from one domain host to another, it is now a relatively simple procedure.

Internet .com competition reached its peak in 1997-2001, a time known as the dot-com bubble. The increased commercialization of the internet together with the arrival of the World Wide Web and the first internet browser was a time of intense speculation on the stock markets. This resulted in the failure of many internet companies, while others like weathered the period well and went on to prosper equally spectacularly.

Stallion Hosting offers affordable .com domain registration services, as well as many other TLDs including .net .org .info .biz and many more.

Visit the Stallion Hosting Domain Registration page for a full list of TLDs on offer, and if needed you are welcome to contact us with any requests for specific TLDs/extensions and we will gladly assist you.

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Stallion Hosting - You Can Bet On Us!

Stallion HostingYou Can Bet On Us!

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