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Domain Name Registration – 5 Top Tips

When looking for a new domain name, no matter if it’s your first domain or your hundredth – there is always a time when finding an available domain name requires some creativity. Your domain name will be your virtual address online, basically your Internet identity.

Below are 5 of our top Domain Name suggestions or tips to keep in mind when doing a domain name search.

1. Try Keep it short

Although some domains have the possibility to be registered with as many as 63 characters, you have to keep in mind that people need to be able to remember your domain, and easily type it into their browser. Try to register the shortest name so that your customers and visitors will be able to remember and associate your domain with your businesses name, product or service. With domains (South African domains) the limit is 30 characters.

2. What Characters Can Be Used?

Domain names can only use letters, numbers, and dashes. Spaces and symbols are not allowed. Also, domain names are not case sensitive.

3. Brain Storm, Think Out of The Box

This process might require you to use your creative side and try a number of different combination’s, you could also try various word placements etc.

4. Secure Your Brand – One May Not Be Enough

Sometimes, it isn’t a bad idea to register several similar domain names or several domain name types. If you have “”, you could also register “” so no one else takes it. You can register your full company name and a shorter, easier to remember version. Some people even register common misspellings of their company’s name. (You don’t need a separate Web page for each. Several domains can point to the same website by simply setting up a redirect). Stallion Hosting is an example of this as we own etc and visting any of these domains will simply redirect you to the main website at

5. Register Your Domain NOW!

Domain names are being registered and snatched up faster than you can imagine. If you have a domain name in mind then it is highly recommended that you jump and grab it, the feeling of losing a domain name to someone who catches the early bird and registers it before you is terrible. With Stallion Hosting you do not even need to have a website or hosting package as they offer a Free Domain Parking option, which allows you to secure your domain in your name and under your control at no extra cost.

For only R 80 per year for a domain name and R 109 per year for a .com domain name it is both affordable and easy for anyone to register and secure their businesses name, personal name etc.

To register your domain name visit the Domain Registration page at Stallion Hosting:

Claim your online address now! 🙂

Daniel Hall

Stallion Hosting - You Can Bet On Us!

Stallion HostingYou Can Bet On Us!

Domain Name Search

Domain Name Search

Using our Domain Name Search tool is very easy no matter if you are new to the world of website hosting or if you are an expert in setting up domain names and websites.

Simply visit the Stallion Hosting Domain Name Registration page which can be found by clicking on this link: (Opens in a new window)

You will be presented with the Domain Name Search box, simply enter a domain name that you would like to search for to see if it is available. The first step would be to type in the domain name without the extension, for example you would type in this: fishingsite

Note: Do not include www or the domain name extension, next you would tick the domain name extensions that you would like to search, you can tick just one or all the options, depending on what you are searching for.

Then simply enter the Security image and click Look Up.

Once the look up is completed you will be presented with the results and if your domain name is available and you would like to claim it then go ahead and register the name.

Here is a great domain name search tip, if you want to search for a number of domain names then use the Bulk Domain Search (Centre top, white link). This will enable you to bulk search domain names, up to 20 domains at once. Enter the domains in the search field, one per line and do not enter www. or http:// in front, how ever for the Bulk Search Option you would have to include the domain name extension eg:

Remember if you have any problems feel free to contact us.

Happy domain name hunting 🙂

Daniel Hall

Stallion Hosting - You Can Bet On Us!

Stallion HostingYou Can Bet On Us!

How to Choose A Domain Name

How to Choose A Domain Name

Choosing a domain name is a delicate operation. It can either make your website successful or otherwise. So getting it wrong can mean a whole lot of extra work and effort which is not necessary. Getting it right, along with a few other key things, can mean you are onto a winner! Let’s look at a few key pointers when buying a domain name.

Try to get the same or similar domain name as your main keywords are going to be.  For example, let’s say you are focusing on the topic of fish tanks. The perfect scenario here would be to attain the domain name or something similar to this. The reason for having a domain name with keywords related to search engine optimization.

The reason for doing this is two-fold. Firstly, people relate to the domain name being the same or similar to what they are looking for. This makes it easier to remember for future reference and also provides your website more authentication.

Maximum characters that can be used within the domain name are 67 for international domain names such as .com .org .net and others. South African domain names which are are limited to 30 characters. However, there is no requirement to use all 67 characters. A good domain name can be one that is short, crisp and easy to remember. There can be no spaces between letters within the domain name and no capital letters, but hyphens and numbers are permitted.

Another very important issue with regards to choosing your keywords within the domain name and that is the ability to rank highly in the search engines. With regards to Google, they reward the use of your main keywords in the domain name and will rank you higher because of this.

Of course you will need to get back links to your website for it to remain ranking highly and there are other variables such as content, search engine optimization etc, but chances are very good that initially you will rank highly with your site for your chosen keywords if you can get precisely those keywords within the domain name.

Watch this space for more domain tips and Domain Name Registration info.

Stallion Hosting - You Can Bet On Us!

Daniel Hall
Stallion HostingYou Can Bet On Us!

Transferring Domain Names

Transferring Domain Names

Transferring Domain NamesTransferring a domain name can be compared to how people move and change their home address or telephone number. The transferring of a domain name does not need to be a big problem, and one of the most common questions asked by clients is will the website suffer any down time?

The straight answer is no, but this depends on how the situation is handled. If the correct procedure is not followed then problems can arise, but with easy step by step instructions and professional support from a reputable web hosting company such as Stallion Hosting there should not be any problems.

Firstly you will have to first notify the current hosting company or the current domain name registrar and let them know that you intend to transfer your domain name to a new website host. It is vital that you let them know because they will receive a ticket and will have to accept the updating of a domain name, if the current web host is not informed then they will simply ignore or deny the transfer and this will result in a delay and waste of time.

Depending on the type of domain name there will be a slightly different procedure. For domain names (south African Domain names) you will simply just have to notify the current web host or domain registrar and make them aware that they must accept any domain update tickets. Then in some cases you as the domain owner will also receive a domain update request, and you should also accept the changes by simply replying to the message and make sure you remove the word deny to accept the update. Tickets will remain open for 24 hours once sent.

In the case of international domains such as .com .net .org etc there is a slightly different process. Firstly you will have to notify the current web host/domain registrar and request the EPP code (this is the domain name authorization key, sometimes also called the transfer key). The next step will be to inform the new hosting company of the EPP code and they will be able to initiate the domain transfer process.

As within the case of domains you might also receive a email for you to accept the domain transfer, but instead of replying to the email you will have to click on the long link in the email and visit a web page. If you have clicked on the correct and entire link then you should see a message stating something like “Your domain update has been accepted” or something to that effect.

Depending on the domain name and the speed of the transfer your domain name should be updated and transferred any where between 24 hours to 48 hours and at most around 72 hours. After your domain name has been updated to reflect the new domain name servers simply give the domain name some time to propagate and you should be done.

If you need help with transferring your domain names to Stallion Hosting, then please feel free to us and we will gladly assist you. Our most popular web hosting package elegantly named the Mare Package offers more than enough disk space and unlimited add on domains.

Click on this link to view our affordable and professional web hosting packages:

Stallion Hosting - You Can Bet On Us!

Daniel Hall
Stallion HostingYou Can Bet On Us!