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Fantastico cPanel Hosting – Polls and Surveys

Today we will be discussing the use of three different tools available in Fantastico in terms of Polls and Surveys. Feedback is very important, it doesn’t matter if you run a social blog or online shopping site – you would want the option to ask questions and run a poll on your site.

With any hosting package at Stallion Hosting you will have access to Fantastico which includes excellent tools used for various online requirements. The three tools used for Polls and Surveys are:

1. Advanced Poll

Description: A highly windows-inspired poll script.


2. LimeSurvey

Description: LimeSurvey (formerly PHPSurveyor) is an open source online survey application. It enables users to develop, publish and collect responses to surveys. Surveys can include branching, custom preferred layout and design (using a web template system), and can provide basic statistical analysis of survey results. Surveys can be public, or can be strictly controlled through the use of “once-only” tokens for each survey participant.


3. phpESP

Description: PhpESP is an effective, capable, web-based survey application that enables businesses to create complex and advanced surveys, view results in real time, and carry out advanced analysis.

If you’re using WordPress then keep in mind there are literally tens of thousands of WordPress Plugins that can be used for polls and surveys, other than having to consider the options above.

Daniel Hall

Stallion Hosting - You Can Bet On Us!

Stallion HostingYou Can Bet On Us!

Fantastico cPanel Hosting – Discussion Boards

Fantastico cPanel Hosting – Discussion Boards

Fantastico cPanel Hosting - Discussion BoardsToday I will be discussing the features of Discussion Boards, also known as Forums in the Fantastico tool of your cPanel hosting account. I am sure if you have been browsing the internet for a while you must of at least landed up on a forum or you may even be part of one or many? Forums are excellent tools and can actually be seen as one of the many advantages of the internet. Forums enable people to connect, whether they connect on a certain related topic or simply just to share jokes.

Creating or starting a forum can be an amazing opportunity and for this reason it is wonderful to have the simple and easy option of using Fantastico which includes two options of forum software highlighted below. Many people use forums on a daily basis for a range of topics, from receiving relationship advice to sharing and entering into discussions about politics. A forum should be seen as a community where people can talk and chat, not by verbal communication, but through messages posted on threads.

There could be many reasons why you would want to start a forum, maybe you are a fishing enthusiast that enjoys going fishing and would like to start a website where other fishermen can come and share their pictures of their latest catches, share stories, talk about lures, bait etc. This is just one example of where someone would require a type of discussion board software. Deciding to start a forum should not just be a quick decision, you will need to plan it out, below are a few points that you should keep in mind when thinking of starting a forum:

Tips to consider when starting a forum:

  • Choose your forum software wisely! Your forum should be easy to access, easy to use, and come with “visitor- friendly” features.
  • Your forum should provide a range of different topics, you want to have the forum organised and easy to use.
  • Moderators and rules, every forum requires dedicated moderators to combat spam and keep trouble making members under control.
  • When starting out, just like for any new website you will need to promote the forum and get people interested.
  • Have fun, connect, and make your forum a place where people can learn, socialise and enjoy!

Do your research, plan the project and look online for guides and advice if you are planning to start a forum.

Now to the software options, as previously mentioned Fantastico offer the options below for a discussion board/forum website:

  • phpBB:
    • Short Description: A widely-popular open-source bulletin-board package, works well, simple user interface and admin panel, clean look, scales well, and can be customized.
    • For more info you can view the website:
  • SMF:
    • Short Description: Elegant. Effective. Powerful. Free. SMF is all of the above. SMF is a next-generation community software package and is jam-packed with features, while at the same time having a minimal impact on resources.
    • For more info you can view the website:

Remember that these and many other amazing Fantastico tools are available in your cPanel account. Simply login to your cPanel and scroll down to Software/Services and then click on the Fantastico De Luxe link (blue smiley face) to access them all.

Thank you for reading this latest Fantastico post highlighting forum/discussion board software.

Daniel Hall

Stallion Hosting - You Can Bet On Us!

Stallion HostingYou Can Bet On Us!

Fantastico cPanel Hosting CMS

Fantastico cPanel Hosting – CMS

FantasticoOn to the second part of the Fantastico cPanel Hosting blogging series where we will be discussing the various Content Management Systems (CMSs) that are included in all of our Website Hosting Packages at Stallion Hosting. Content Management Systems are designed to help you and your business/community easily publish, manage and organize a variety of content and create a sort of news-based web portal. CMS’s allow end-users (know as authors) to provide new information to the website in the form of articles as well as other forms of content.

Content Management Systems use a concept of the workflow for the target users, which defines how the new content is to be routed around the system so that the user that requires that certain information is able to get to it. All this breaks down to a general definition of a CMS, which is: A (CMS) Content Management System is software that easily allows users to create, edit and manage web content. This is just one of the reasons why content management systems have become very popular amongst designers, developers and users across the globe.

These are just a few advantages of using CMS:

  • Keep your content organized and easily accessible
  • Build up a comprehensive data base
  • Reduce content and site maintenance costs
  • Increase your data security

CMS options with Fantastic and cPanel Hosting:

  • Drupal:
    • Short description: An advanced portal with collaborative book, search engines friendly URLs, online help, roles, full content search, site watching, threaded comments, version control, blogging, news aggregator.
      For more info you can view the homepage of this CMS:
  • Geeklog:
    • Short description: A portal system with a wide range of modules.
      For more info you can view the homepage of this CMS:
  • Joomla:
    • Short description: Joomla! is one of the most powerful Open Source Content Management Systems on the planet. It is used all over the world for everything from simple websites to complex corporate applications. Joomla! is easy to install, simple to manage, and reliable.
      For more info you can view the homepage of this CMS:
  • Mambo:
    • Short description: A professional level yet easy to use Content Management System featuring inline WYSIWYG content editors, newsfeeds, syndicated news, banners, mailing users, links manager, statistics, content archiving, date based content, 20 languages, modules and components.
      For more info you can view the homepage of this CMS:
  • php-Nuke:
    • Short description: One of the most popular community-based portals with a big choice of modules and languages.
      For more info you can view the homepage of this CMS:
  • Siteframe:
    • Short description: A straightforward content-management system designed for rapid deployment of community-based websites. Nice-looking templates, oriented toward document-sharing, clean interface.
      For more info you can view the homepage of this CMS:

These are just a few of the CMS options that are available for installation with Fantastico and a cPanel. Our advice for anyone thinking of implementing and using a CMS is to make sure you do your homework and research before making a decision. Make sure you are comfortable with the system and ensure there is sufficient support documents, go into the support forums of the systems and ask questions etc.

Our Top Three Choices of Content Management Systems are:

  1. WordPress – You just cannot beat WordPress, it really and truly makes setting up an online presence just to easy 🙂
  2. Joomla! – very widely used, reliable system that does have a learning curve, but all CMS will. Joomla is an excellent CMS platform.
  3. Drupal – Also very popular and widely supported

Watch out for our next post, Enlightening Facts about Online CMS Websites coming soon!

Daniel Hall

Stallion Hosting - You Can Bet On Us!

Stallion HostingYou Can Bet On Us!

Fantastico cPanel Hosting – Blogging Tools

Fantastico cPanel Hosting – Blogging Tools

Fantastico is just that, fantastic! Most professional cPanel Hosting providers such as Stallion Hosting, will  have Fantastico as part of their cPanel packages. Fantastico can be described as  a 3rd-party cPanel add-on that adds a large number of scripts and packages that can be very useful to new and advanced website builders and web hosting users.

Fantastico on Web Hosting South AfricaFantastico allows you to quickly install a variety of open-source scripts simply by selecting a script and providing some basic information for each installation as well as the links to the source of the scripts, you can install a script within minutes. Fantastico is designed to be easy to use and it is especially designed to install the latest version of the scripts that are available keeping you up to date with the best developments.

This will be part 1 of Fantastico blog series and I will briefly explain each part of the Fantastico system in a number of posts following this on, but for this first post I will describe the three options available on Fantastico with regards to blogging, so here it goes:

Firstly there is the most popular and without a doubt my favourite blogging platform, WordPress! As you might know from a number of my posts on this blog already, WordPress can be described as one of the most popular if not the most popular and widely used web blogging platforms in the world. Just in case you did not know this blog is based on WordPress and as you can see for yourself it is a user friendly design (that’s the WordPress theme) and the back end user system is also straight forward and easy to use with the idea that there should be no need for a user to have to learn HTML or any other form of website coding.

Other Blogging options that are available on the Fantastico package are:

  • b2Evolution: A blog script featuring multiple blogs, categories/sub-categories, skins, search function, multiple languages and search engines friendly URLs, learn more here:
  • Nucleus: A powerful blog script featuring multiple blogs, multiple authors, drafts, future posts and bookmarklets, learn more here:

Remember that these above Fantastico Blogging Tools are available on all Stallion Hosting Web Hosting Packages, which can be seen here:

Watch out for the rest of this Fantastico blogging series on soon

Daniel Hall

Stallion Hosting - You Can Bet On Us!

Stallion HostingYou Can Bet On Us!

What is cPanel Hosting?

cPanel Hosting

Today’s question is all about cPanel Hosting. Well basically cPanel is a very user friendly tool for people to control and  manage their hosting accounts.  The best part about the system is that it gives you (the web hosting owner) the ability to control and add a wide range of options from creating and adding a new email address to adding on domains and much much more.

The term cPanel Hosting simply refers to if the web hosting company provides cPanel with their hosting packages, Stallion Hosting provides all hosting accounts with cPanel.
Just some of the main features are mentioned below, but this is just a taste of this awesome user friendly interface:

  • Email accounts management
  • Database management
  • Website statistics
  • FTP account management
  • Domain name management
  • Website tools
  • Sub domain management
  • Fantastico Deluxe
  • cPanel Video Tutorials
  • and much much more!

No matter if you are a beginner or an expert with website design and hosting, cPanel offers the functionality and ability for you too fully control your website, email accounts and everything else in between 🙂

Stallion Hosting - You Can Bet On Us!

Daniel Hall
Stallion HostingYou Can Bet On Us!