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Domain Name Registration – 5 Top Tips

When looking for a new domain name, no matter if it’s your first domain or your hundredth – there is always a time when finding an available domain name requires some creativity. Your domain name will be your virtual address online, basically your Internet identity.

Below are 5 of our top Domain Name suggestions or tips to keep in mind when doing a domain name search.

1. Try Keep it short

Although some domains have the possibility to be registered with as many as 63 characters, you have to keep in mind that people need to be able to remember your domain, and easily type it into their browser. Try to register the shortest name so that your customers and visitors will be able to remember and associate your domain with your businesses name, product or service. With domains (South African domains) the limit is 30 characters.

2. What Characters Can Be Used?

Domain names can only use letters, numbers, and dashes. Spaces and symbols are not allowed. Also, domain names are not case sensitive.

3. Brain Storm, Think Out of The Box

This process might require you to use your creative side and try a number of different combination’s, you could also try various word placements etc.

4. Secure Your Brand – One May Not Be Enough

Sometimes, it isn’t a bad idea to register several similar domain names or several domain name types. If you have “”, you could also register “” so no one else takes it. You can register your full company name and a shorter, easier to remember version. Some people even register common misspellings of their company’s name. (You don’t need a separate Web page for each. Several domains can point to the same website by simply setting up a redirect). Stallion Hosting is an example of this as we own etc and visting any of these domains will simply redirect you to the main website at

5. Register Your Domain NOW!

Domain names are being registered and snatched up faster than you can imagine. If you have a domain name in mind then it is highly recommended that you jump and grab it, the feeling of losing a domain name to someone who catches the early bird and registers it before you is terrible. With Stallion Hosting you do not even need to have a website or hosting package as they offer a Free Domain Parking option, which allows you to secure your domain in your name and under your control at no extra cost.

For only R 80 per year for a domain name and R 109 per year for a .com domain name it is both affordable and easy for anyone to register and secure their businesses name, personal name etc.

To register your domain name visit the Domain Registration page at Stallion Hosting:

Claim your online address now! 🙂

Daniel Hall

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