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Promoting Your Website Offline

There is often talk about search engine optimization with regards to promoting a website online, but business owners and website owners in general should not ignore the promotion of a website offline.

There are many methods and techniques that should be used to promote a website offline, and in most cases these sometimes obvious and in other times overlooked methods of advertising can be highly effective.

Some simple examples would be to add your domain name, (which is your website address) onto  stationary and business promotional items. Many businesses spend large amounts of money on promotional items each year whether it be pens or desktop calenders, always take full advantage and include all the businesses contact details, logo for branding and the vital website address.

Other examples include putting your website address on business cards, invoices, vehicle signage, bumper stickers, T shirts, coffee mugs etc. These can be made and given to customer as gifts and of course the business will benefit by receiving free advertising as the promotional items are used.

Although this might seem obvious many website owners and business owners can neglect this.

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