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Bandwidth – Do You Need A Lot?


One of the questions that people ask when looking for web hosting is do they need a lot of bandwidth?

Firstly lets explain what bandwidth actually is. Bandwidth measures the volume of data transmitted over an internet connection, this is why the amount of bandwidth that you need is important to know because if your website uses more bandwidth than the hosting package that you are on then your side might be restricted and access denied.

Most web hosting companies will offer a specific amount of bandwidth for there certain packages. When you are researching and looking around for a web hosting service it is in your best interested to examine the web hosting packages that they offer. You should try and estimate the amount of bandwidth that you will need, and take into consideration changes and other factors – more is always better than less.

The consequences of not having enough bandwidth can be detrimental. Most times if the amount of bandwidth that you are allocated runs out then your website is simply denied access. This can most certainly result in you losing potential customers and visitors to your website.

Take these factors into consideration while estimating your bandwidth needs:

  • How many users will access your web site?
  • How many pages will be accessed?
  • If you want to host more than one website/expand?
  • How big are the graphic and HTML files/website files?

Large audio/video files, computer programs, and file downloads require more bandwidth. Flash web sites use a lot more bandwidth than normal static websites. Virtual Reality (VR)  websites and full-length three-dimensional audio/visual presentations also require large amounts of bandwidth.

The information above should be helpful as it at least gives you an idea of how bandwidth is used and determined. Most web hosting companies will offer decent amounts of bandwidth. Stallion Hosting offers more than enough bandwidth with each hosting package, check out and compare their web hosting packages by click on this link:

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Daniel Hall
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