How To Move Your WordPress Blogs

Another popular question is how to move a WordPress Blog or WordPress site from one website hosting company to another. Many people ask the question how to move their WordPress sites and I must also admit that many people feel that moving a WordPress site is a mission, but I have found a great set of videos that explain the process step by step.

The videos below are Part 1 and Part 2 of a step by step tutorial that I have found very useful in explaining the process of moving a WordPress site. I have actually followed the entire 2 part video tutorial to ensure that it is correct, and I am happy to report back that my site was successfully live and running when the video was finished.

How To Move Your WordPress Blogs – Part 1:

How To Move Your WordPress Blogs – Part 2:

Tip: I found these videos on, when ever you are stuck with something – especially technical aspects like this it is always a good idea to try YouTube. The beauty is that you can find a tutorial like the one above and then follow the video while pausing and going back so ensure that you succeed with what ever you are stuck on. 🙂

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