First Page Rank Update for 2011

Page Rank UpdateGreat news if you have a website and you have been actively working on it. Today Google rolled out the first PageRank update for 2011.

Although the importance of the PageRank has decreased in recent times, many website owners and bloggers are still glad to see the PageRank update and will show their page rank off with pride. I am very pleased to report that this blog now has a PageRank 1, it gives me a great feeling to know that Google is rewarding for the content that is posted. 🙂

So what is PageRank?

Pagerank is a backlink analysis algorithm which assigns a numerical importance value to each page in Google’s index, these values range from one to ten, with ten indicating a page of supreme importance. It also includes zero (0), normally a website that is indexed and still new will show a PageRank of 0.

Keep in mind that although the PageRank of any given page can be checked via the Google toolbar (which is a free download, Google it for more information), the data shown may not actually reflect the current “live” PageRank score of that page. This is because the toolbar relies on periodical Pagerank Updates rather than displaying live results.

If you don’t have the Google Toolbar installed on your browser or if you want to check your PR online then go ahead and use

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