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Domain based Email AddressToday I will be blogging on a subject that many South African businesses overlook and that is using free email accounts such as,,,, etc etc

Most of us including myself would have got their first email address from one of the many free email address providers that are out there on the internet, I myself got my first email address from Gmail and I still have it and use it daily, but there is a difference and that is that I use my Stallion Hosting email address on emails, business cards, filling in forms, stationery, advertising etc.

If you have a website with your own domain name then you are most likely able to get a personalised email address such as (just an example).

The power of using a personalised email address that is on your own domain name can be amazing, because every time you give out your email address and every time you send out an email you are effectively indirectly advertising your website which is obviously the letters after the @ sign.

Effectively you are indirectly advertising and promoting your website every time you give someone your email address. Having an email address that is attached to your business and website also gives you a professional appearance, in a recent website forum the question asked was: Is using a Gmail Email address unprofessional?

Here are some of the most relevant answers to the question:

“I think any free email service looks unprofessional, I don’t see any difference professionally between gmail, hotmail, or yahoo. i think its always better to take the extra step and use your domains email.” – Wham

“When I see these email addresses used (gmail etc..) I most always assume they are spam and delete them. If I see the contact on a website as not containing the domain I don’t bother sticking around. I feel if they do not feel comfortable about using their domain email then they must have something to hide or are fly by nighters that will soon be gone. No matter how great the offer or testimonials I always lose trust with them.. my 2 cents” – Kent Durham

“Since I deal in trading software (which gets technical if done right) I always expect to see a domain based email address. When I don’t, I question the parties using GMail, Hotmail, etc. It doesn’t take a tech genius to set up a domain based email, so using a free mail account creates instant questions as to their tech competence.” – Glenellis

Just these three replies show that using a domain name based email address will give your business/website a professional appearance as well as give you the ability to brand your business.

So don’t wait any longer, for only R 80 a year you can secure your businesses name and set up your own brandable, personalised domain name based email address. Simply visit Stallion Hosting using the link below and check if your domain name is available and claim it!

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Daniel Hall
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One Response to “Email Address – Advertise YOUR Business on YOUR Domain Name”

  1. Rob says:

    This is a very valid point.
    The days of letting the “smaller” details slip past you are gone.
    In the cut throat business world you need to get your Brand seen all the time to maximize your business potential.
    Anybody who does not take up the opportunity to have their own website / E mail address that keeps on promoting their business – Has no reason to be in business!

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