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Enlightening Facts about Online CMS Websites

If you try to stay on top of all the technical lingo it seems like there’s a new acronym to learn every day. It seems like there’s no end in site for the parade of technical jargon you need to know just to stay current with the latest tech talk When it comes to building websites, the latest hot topic is CMS.

So, what is a CMS and how can you benefit from using one?

CMS Demystified

CMS stands for Content Management System. A CMS allows collaborative efforts to take place on a central website. In addition to making content available to multiple users, a CMS also has features built in to reduce repetitive tasks, like adding links or building new pages. In essence a website built on a CMS platform gives you, and anyone working with you, the ability to work on a common interface to design, build and maintain a professional, user-friendly website.

The Most Popular Web CMSSet Up Your CMS Website Easily

Most people, who know their way around the Internet, think of one word when they hear “CMS” – WordPress. This platform is, by far, the most popular CMS in use today. WordPress allows people, who may not know one line of HTML coding, to set up and publish fantastic looking, user friendly websites. There are hundreds of WordPress tools that you can use to take care of some of the most complex tasks imaginable.

It used to be that you had to be a web programmer or hire one if you wanted to add interactive elements, like contact forms or blogs to your website. WordPress eliminates the need for website design and programming experience. You can choose from hundreds of plugins, themes and widgets to take care of virtually any programming or web design task.

What’s  Behind the Curtain?

Behind the scenes of any website there’s a web hosting solution. Taking care of all the technical background tasks used to be a daunting task. These days, the top web hosting companies offer a nifty user interface, called cPanel, to ease those administrative burdens.

cPanel takes all of technical, behind-the-scenes management tools, and puts them all in an easy to use GUI interface. Some of the things you can do with cPanel may still require you to get help from an expert, but the cPanel interface makes day to day website administration a breeze. When choosing a web hosting company, I implore you to get a host that offers cPanel. You can thank me later…

Building great websites is simple with the WordPress CMS platform. Combined with a great web hosting company (such as Stallion Hosting ;-)) that offers cPanel, you’ll find that this website administration stuff isn’t as tough as you thought it would be.

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