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Twitter – 10 Ways to Use Twitter Effectively

Twitter - 10 Ways to Use Twitter EffectivelyTwitter and Facebook are just two of the many very powerful social networking tools that are out there, and it might seem a little intimidating, but the advantages can be very rewarding. Twitter can have many different uses, you could just use it for social meaning connecting with friends and family or you can use Twitter for business and keep customers and potential buyers updated and advertise using Twitter.

If you are you looking for a few ways to use Twitter to your advantage, then this post will be interesting. If you are not to sure what Twitter is it can be described as a social networking tool that allows users to post messages called Tweets, with a limit of 140 maximum characters. Take a look and sign up at

Below are 10 Ways to Use Twitter Effectively:

  1. Use Twitter to find friends, family and those who you look up to. Celebrities, pop icons,politicians or even news personalities are all online, easily accessible to anyone who has a Twitter account.
  2. Use Twitter to stay up to date on the news. A variety of news organizations using Twitter as a way of displaying the latest and most “breaking” news stories they have. It is fast and simple.
  3. Use Twitter to hire people. You can get to know them and their services easily. More so, it is very easy to find people to handle those freelance jobs you need just as hiring someone to design a logo for your business or someone to write content for your blog.
  4. Use Twitter to meet new people, locally or internationally. It is a worldwide service to connect you to just about anyone you want to be connected with.
  5. Use Twitter as a way of networking, to building up the followers you have so that you can always have someone to chat with or even promote.
  6. Use Twitter as a way of socializing when you are sitting at home, working your work at home businesses and feeling lonely doing so. Of course, you may find that you can easily use Twitter too much and fill up your day with Tweets instead of work 🙂
  7. Use Twitter as a way to alert the public of upcoming events, promotions or discounts you may be having. You may find it very easy to use Twitter to promote specials within the online community or even on the larger scale.
  8. Use Twitter as a way of learning something new. If you have a programming question, for example, you can easily throw it out there and most often, there will be an easy to reach answer within your grasp.
  9. Use Twitter as a tool to manage your thoughts and ideas. If you have a new idea, bounce it off your followers.
  10. Use Twitter to be yourself even when you have an unpopular opinion, use your freedom online to express yourself.

These are just a few examples of what Twitter can be used for, so what are you waiting for? Sign up at and then follow us for amazing website hosting specials, domain name discounts and all our blog updates:

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Search Engine Optimization – Top 7 Tips For Today

SEO OptimizationWebsite traffic is the life blood of any website, and without website traffic and attention from the major search engines a website will struggle. This is why Search Engine Optimization is such an important part of the internet and website design process. Below I have seven tips with regards to SEO, these SEO tips will come in handy if you are currently working on a website or planning to start a website.

Just like if you were planning to build a house, you will need to sit down and plan a website. Make sure you include layout planning, content planning, website promotion strategies etc. If you follow the basic rules of SEO and make sure your website follows standards that are acceptable in terms of search engine optimization then you will have a good chance of ranking well, but promotion is vital. I will post website promotion tips and strategies as this blog grows.

Here are the 7 Search Engine Optimization Tips for this post:

  1. A website should have crystal clear hierarchy and links and should preferably be easy to navigate.
  2. A site map is required to help the users go around your site and in case the site map has more than 100 links, then it is advisable to break it into several pages or categories to avoid clutter and make it easier to navigate.
  3. Come up with essential and precise keywords and make sure that your website features relevant and informative content.
  4. The Google crawler will not recognize text hidden in the images, so when describing important names, keywords or links; stick with plain text.
  5. The TITLE and ALT tags should be descriptive and accurate and the website should have no broken links or incorrect HTML.
  6. Dynamic pages (the URL consisting of a ‘?’ character) should be kept to a minimum as not every search engine spider is able to crawl them.
  7. The robots.txt file on your web server should be current and should not block the Googlebot crawler. This file tells crawlers which directories can or cannot be crawled.

This is just a little taste of a few SEO tips, if you have any tips or recommendations that you would like to share then please feel free to do so.

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Daniel Hall
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WordPress 3.0 – New Version

WordPress can be described as one of the most popular if not the most popular and widely used web blogging platforms in the world. WordPress has become the most common and obvious option for the development of blogs and websites online today. There are various elements of WordPress that make it so popular, but the main points are:

  • Easy to use, versatile. – WordPress is suitable for just about anybody, no matter your technical knowledge or skills level  from the beginner to the advanced programmer
  • Literally tens of thousands of different themes that can easily be downloaded and installed, there is the option of purchasing WordPress themes or using free themes, and of course having your own WordPress theme designed by a professional designer
  • Feature-rich interface – WordPress has a rich text editor with advanced multimedia support
  • Plug ins – there is such a wide variety of plug in’s that you have access to
  • WordPress is FREE – WordPress is Open Source, it is free to install and use WordPress for your website.

Recently the new version of WordPress was released, namely WordPress 3.0, I have found a very informative and practical video for you to view in order to learn more about the amazing new features.


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Daniel Hall
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Promoting Your Website Offline

There is often talk about search engine optimization with regards to promoting a website online, but business owners and website owners in general should not ignore the promotion of a website offline.

There are many methods and techniques that should be used to promote a website offline, and in most cases these sometimes obvious and in other times overlooked methods of advertising can be highly effective.

Some simple examples would be to add your domain name, (which is your website address) onto  stationary and business promotional items. Many businesses spend large amounts of money on promotional items each year whether it be pens or desktop calenders, always take full advantage and include all the businesses contact details, logo for branding and the vital website address.

Other examples include putting your website address on business cards, invoices, vehicle signage, bumper stickers, T shirts, coffee mugs etc. These can be made and given to customer as gifts and of course the business will benefit by receiving free advertising as the promotional items are used.

Although this might seem obvious many website owners and business owners can neglect this.

Have a great day,

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Daniel Hall
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SEO – Optimizing Your Website

Optimizing Your Site with SEO

SEO - Search Engine Optimization for your WebsiteSearch Engine Optimization or SEO as it is commonly know is the basics of website optimization. SEO is in simple terms how a website should be created, set up and managed with the goal of ranking high in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN etc.

The goal is to rank high and receive what is termed as “organic” or non paid for traffic. There are hundreds of different guides, books, tips, methods etc on methods on how to improve your sites SEO and rank in the top listings.

The higher your website ranks in terms of search engines and directories, the better chance you will have in receiving traffic and leads ultimately meaning the better chance you will  have succeeding on the internet.

Here are basic, simple steps that you can and should use to search engine optimize your web site:

Step 1: Modify your web-site – This step includes adding optimized content to all pages in the website.
Step 2: Add tags – Add or make changes to Meta tags, Title tags, H1 tags, H2 tags and alt tags for images, after keywords research.
Step 3: Link building A,

Website Stats and Traffic Information, Conversions, Tracking

Being able to view your website statistics and traffic sources etc is vital if you are to optimize your website. One of the best tools for this job is Google Analytics which is free if you have a Google Account or you can simply sign up for a free account.

Google Analytics offers excellent website information and it is excellently presented with graphs, charts and the graphical locations of your visitors etc. There is also the option that is available on the cPanel hosting accounts known as Awestats. If you are looking for an easy to use option that is user friendly then you cannot go wrong with Google Analytics.

This is just a basic overview of SEO with a few simple, basic steps. Watch this space for more info, tips, methods etc.

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Daniel Hall
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